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Peugeot offered the 607 with petrol or diesel power

Posted by dennywigxs on November 3, 2008

Make it as comfortable as a feather mattress, as sleek as an otter and as French as Gérard Depardieu. Apparently that was the design brief for Peugeot’s flagship 607, which, incidentally, went on to be a UK sales disaster.

Launched at the end of 2000, it was a slow seller and a rapid depreciator, so today used prices start at a measly £2,000 for a tidy 2000-registered example. To attract buyers, Peugeot kitted it out with everything but the kitchen sink, so all models have climate control, electric windows, cruise control and a host of airbags. The SE — the biggest seller — adds parking sensors and a sun blind, and later on in the 607’s life came colour sat nav and electric seat adjustment. These toys are of course more things to go wrong, so check they work properly.

Peugeot offered the 607 with petrol or diesel power, the humblest 2 litre diesel producing 110bhp, and the 2.2 litre twin-turbocharged diesel developing a mighty 170bhp. Between them is the best all-rounder — the 136bhp 2.2 litre diesel, which provides strong performance married to a potential 40mpg-plus in mixed motoring. It is well suited to the laid-back 607, particularly with automatic transmission.

Petrol-wise, the entry-level 136bhp 2 litre is the most economical petrol unit, although it was withdrawn in 2004 for its supposedly lacklustre performance. An undoubtedly superior drive is the 2.2 litre 160bhp unit. Available with manual or automatic transmission, it pulls strongly and will return more than 30mpg if driven carefully.

Topping the range is the 3 litre V6 engine, which comes with automatic transmission as standard and produces a healthy 211bhp. If you’re comfortable with 25mpg, then take a good look at one of these.

The 607 feels soft and supple on the road, with slightly vague steering but a ride cossetting enough to take the edge off the worst road surfaces. After owning a 607, many drivers find it difficult to live with a firmly sprung German executive car. The 607 is only 10cm shorter than a BMW 7-series, and consequently has a roomy cabin, despite the low roofline. A broad rear bench seats three adults in comfort, and legroom is unbeaten by anything this side of a limo. At 509 litres, the boot is big too.

As Peugeot’s flagship was mostly bought for company fleets, the early-life service history is usually faultless. Subsequent owners are often less than fastidious, though, and many second-hand 607s end up in private hire, so carefully check the maintenance record of any candidate for purchase.

The underrated 607 offers maximum style and comfort for minimum money.


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